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At Riverhills Early Learning Centre our foremost belief is in Whanau (family). Our most important approach to teaching and learning is to ensure that our families experience a sense of belonging. Our tamariki (children) feel safe and secure the moment they walk through the doors of our Early Learning Centre.

We have a team of passionate and dedicated professional teachers who are open, friendly, fun and exciting individuals. We believe in helping each other, providing positive guidance, extending one's learning through professional development and a commitment to succeeding in being a great teacher. We follow this by the Fish Philosophy in the Workplace. The fish philosophy has four key principles: Choose Your Attitude, Be Present for others, Play at work, laugh, dance, have fun and Make Their Day by including others in your fun working environment.

We value collaboration as vital to the success of our programme and see ourselves as a multi-cultural ‘community of learners’. We also embrace a bi-cultural curriculum in collaboration with our whanau. We further believe that children are confident and capable learners; that begins at birth. Being a mixed aged centre our curriculum supports children to set the pace for their own learning and develop according to individual and group interests. Along with the use of Te WhaÌ„riki, we incorporate aspects of the RIE Philosophy and the Reggio Emilia Approach into our programme.

Reviewed August 2019
Cathryn, Julie, Ali, Tanisha, and Samantha

Riverhills Early Learning Centre Ltd Riverhills Early Learning Centre Ltd

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